duration: 2 days x 4 hours

gallery Third Space, Helsinki, Finland

…When I shut my eyes phosphorescent blooms appear and fade
and come to life again like fireworks made of flesh.
I pass through strange lands with creatures for company.
No doubt you are there, my beautiful discreet spy.
And the palpable soul of the vast reaches.
And perfumes of the sky and the stars, the song of a rooster from 2000 years ago and piercing screams in a flaming park and kisses.
Sinister handshakes in a sickly light and axles grinding on paralyzing roads.
No doubt there is you who I do not know, who on the contrary I do know...

Sleep Spaces
Robert Desnos
A la mystérieuse (1926)

In a metaphorical way the work examines our need to protect ourselves from the outside environment, to sanitize our emotions, bodies and spirits. Humans have created a framed, artificially manipulated environment, where they exercise control and play with power structures. Like a displayed object in a case our closed environment prevents us to see a bigger picture of reality. The performance serves as a catalyst for achieving expanded perception, transcending the ambiguity of time, space and being. Through a meditative, motionless state a new image of reality is accessed. The glass, being the protective layer to the outside world becomes a portal to a new dimension of reality.