duration: 2,5 hours

Gray Cube Festival, Korkeasaari Zoo, Helsinki, Finland

The clock is ticking.
The mouth is shut.
The wings are cut.
The light is on.

Sitting inside a zoo cage - chair, disco ball, strobe light, scold´s bridle mock-up mask (scold´s bridle was an instrument for women punishment, used in England and Scotland during 16th and 17th centuries)

The performance explores the connection between taming of animals and women. Throughout the centuries both women and animals have been treated as lower-class beings and have been subjects to torture, public humiliation, entertainment. What is the common denominator, that women and animals have, making them so threatening to men?
Women and animals carry the source of life - the untamed primal, creative impulse. Through the use of intuition, emotions and grace, they are able to channel superior powers and use them for procreation and survival. The connection between women and nature is evident, making women very skillful nature healing practitioners. Such skills, labeled as witchcraft have made women subjects for prosecution.