2014 -
sound performance duo
Lora Dimova and Ana Gutieszca

Human body, animal brain. Sounds from guts and walls, skulls and eyes, Sirius A and Sirius B. Symbiotic relationship with symbolic quality. Creation is created. The macro and micro cosmos are merging. Brain attack. Chaos magic. Future body. Noise voice. Guts. Guts. Guts.

HUMANIMAL is an experimental music performance duo that focuses on the human-animal (non-human) relation through sound and image. The incorporated aesthetics bring attention to the politics and poetics of a less anthropocentric world where the inner animal is unleashed, being aware of its own powerful symbolic nature. By following a deconstruction of identity, the notion of human is challenged. Having no borders, HUMANIMAL communicates beyond human perception. It transports oneself to a higher state of consciousness.

Hypnotic soundscapes, synthesizers, self-made analog and digital instruments and live voice processing create a surreal world. Lyrics are made using cut-up technique, psychic automatism and other methods for producing non-linear and abstract forms of communication. HUMANIMAL demystifies the fear related to the animal instincts and transforms it into a beautiful inner experience.

HUMANIMALimage: Jaime Culebro

HUMANIMALLa-Bas performance festival, Kiasma theater, Helsinki, 2016

HUMANIMALRainbow Body, Keltainen Talo/Yellow House, Tampere, Finland, 2015, image: Eeva Karhu

HUMANIMALRed Castle, Noise Against Hierarchy, Hirvitalo-Contemporary Art Center Pispala, Tampere, Finland, 2015, image: Simo Saarikoski